Our Space Shooter project – Smoking Skies.
8 weeks, halftime.
full 3d-engine and ai-engine from scratch (c++).
4 Programmers, 2 Level Designers, 5 Graphical artists

What I worked on:
Artificial intelligence,
3D/2D GUI elements,
Particle effects,
Steering behaviours,
Game play.

Smoking skies is a short game which directs you to the skies of a industrial world at war. You play as a pilot assigned to destroy the impending hostile forces, using tactics and maneuvering to overcome your obstacles and complete your missions.

What I’m proud of:
I worked on a number of things during this project, and the one I’m most proud of is the AI. It uses a whole lot of steering behaviors integrated in a smart decision-making algorithm (fancy word), which allows entire hoards of enemies to gather up and attempt to annihilate the player. I eventually had to cut down on the AI’s brutality quite a bit since it proved to be too difficult for the average player – thus making the game uninteresting and uninviting. Killing enemies should always be a blast.