Dead StrainsDefrost Games
8 weeks, halftime.
1 and ½ Programmers, 1 Level Designer, 2 Graphical artists

What I worked on:
Basic Gameplay,
Human AI (Simulation),
Editor Tools,
Zombie AI,
Abilities for zombies,
World map and its’ functions,
Gene lab (upgrade abilities, strains for zombies etc),
Serialization of data,
Human items (interactables and carry-ons)

Dead Strains is a different take on the classic RTS genre. You control your zombies by drawing “scent”-trails into the terrain. These trails then attract the zombies and makes them horde to follow them.
The game itself is all about world domination. You’re up against the human race with your specially modified zombie virus, and to achieve victory you have to always be one step ahead of your enemy. News spread across the world through survivors and speculation. Say a human attempts to shoot a zombie, and he unloads his clip into its’ body. It doesn’t die. So he shoots it in the head and voilá, the human has learned something, and so he tries to communicate his experience to his peers.
Anyways, I shouldn’t be trying to pitch the game concept. I just wanted to underline the heaviness of the AI-implementation in this game, which I worked tirelessly on.

What I’m proud of:
I’m very content with the AI for both the zombies and the humans. It’s very simulation-based and is enjoyable to watch. The humans have sometimes unpredictable behaviour, for example – I cornered a human in her house. She had a gun with limited ammo and was extremely scared. After panicking for about a minute she shot herself, as it was the only option with the highest scoring fuzzy-logic value.