Our Point And Click project - Mimmis adventure.
8 weeks, half time.
4 Programmers, 1 Level Designers, 4 Graphical artists

What I worked on:
2D GUI elements,
All mini-games,
Tools pipeline,
Paralaxing backgrounds,
2D Pathfinding.

Our first real 2D project which was completely developed in C++. It’s rough around the edges and isn’t exactly a pretty sight, but we learnt an amazing amount from the adventure. The one thing I value most among those multitude of experiences is how  important great teamwork is. We had many toxic arguments during this time, and it wasn’t until the very end that we realized that such petty feuds really broke the whole project into pieces.

What I’m proud of:
In essence I’m not really proud of anything game-wise. But I am proud of the fact that I took charge towards the end and turned the group around so that we were able to put something together that at least resembled a game of sorts.