Our FPS project - Decaying Orbit.
8 weeks, half time.
4 Programmers*, 2 Level Designers, 5 Graphical artists

What I worked on:
Artificial intelligence,
2D/3D GUI elements,
Tools pipeline,
XML handler,
General game play,
Navigation node editor

Decaying Orbit is a horror game with a dark ambient atmosphere. It takes place at an abandoned space station which is left for you and a friend to explore, and a few surprises unfolds as the game progresses. A big feature which we really focused on are the sounds and voice acting – as well as the mutated monsters you bump into from time to time.

What I’m proud of:
The fact that we were able to create a game which had many features even though we were two* programmers short for the majority of the development. I had a finger in every corner of the code and developed many things, such as: frontend, artificial intelligence, network ( with raknet ), weapon-feedback, lobby-system, level-management and the tools pipeline.

* Unfortunally we had 2 programmers whom fell into deep depressions during the project, so me and another programmer had to program the majority of the game ourselves. As such we weren’t able to finish everything we wished to include into the game, and many other things suffered because of the lack of coders.