Our Turn based strategy project - The Louisiana Horror.
8 weeks, halftime.
4 Programmers, 3 Level Designers, 5 Graphical artists

What I worked on:
2D GUI elements,
Game mechanics.

The Louisiana Horror is a game which forces the player to make up strategies to counter the in-game AI. To set up traps and conserve stamina for important encounters with an array of enemies. You get objectives which earn you additional points if you complete them, and they reveal many surprises all throughout the game.

What I’m proud of:
I worked mainly as a tool-programmer for this game, and made sure the pipe-line for our level designers was smooth and comfortable so that they could develop effortlessly with XML and in-game editors. I also worked with integrating HGE for the game so that we without much effort could display 2d art rendered by our artists.