Welcome to my website where I have gathered some of my past and current projects/experiences. If you have any questions or suggestions, please fire away a mail in my general direction or call me. You can find all of my contact information here.

A short summary of me.
I’m a typical guy with an extraordinary passion for programming and coffee. This passion roots from my desire to make things come alive, to see them move and behave according to my divine instructions which I meddle through code. The sensation of seeing your creation interact with you is a marvellous feeling, and I never find myself growing tired of it.

My work-flow can be described in the somewhat cliché phrasing “divide and conquer”. I find it to be imperative to always focus on one task and not be overwhelmed by the vastness of the feature you’re about to implement. Breaking it down into several pieces and finding individual solutions to each one has proven to be my most successful method of coding. I try to keep it to a few simple steps – “make it work, make it clean, make it optimized” – usually in that order.

I promised a short summary, so I’ll stop here even though I have thousands of things I’d like to tell you. Like I said up top; if you have any further questions you demand answers for, I’d be happy to oblige. Just use this magic link to get to my contacts page.

Thanks for taking interest!
Best regards,

Mattias Lindblad.